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Further Complications Even After Corrective Vaginal Mesh Removal Surgery


A bit of concerning news has been released by  Jerry Blaivas, MD, of Weill Cornell Medical College in New York, has performed many surgical procedures involving the implantation of vaginal mesh and has reported the following.

He revisited 47 cases where he had personally implanted surgical mesh.  He considered 72% of the operations to be a success but of those, he described the outcome as 'suboptimal' and had this to say, “The ‘successes' were only relative for many patients—that is, they were better than were before their salvage surgery, but most were much worse than before their original sling surgery.”

For woman who have received vaginal mesh implants, and based on this one surgeon's estimations, there may be further complications even after corrective mesh removal surgery.  While this is a rather bleak outlook, it is a general statement.  Many women will not experience further complications and will recover just fine.

Johnson & Johnson, CR Bard, and other vaginal mesh manufacturers may have known about the dangers of their products yet acted negligently.  If this is found to be the case, a lot of monetary compensation will likely be made available to those women who have come forward. 

Statute of limitations varies from state to state and may require you to act sooner than later.  Please consider speaking with an experienced vaginal mesh lawyer today and get a free case evaluation to learn what options are available to you.  Then you may decide what is best for you and your family but at least this way, you'll be making the right decision by leaving all of your options open. 

The Cates Law Firm was one of the first firms to bring national attention to these devastating products and continues to be a leader in providing excellent legal representation to women who have experienced both emotional and physical pain from vaginal mesh.

The most common side effects of vaginal mesh include when the product tears, erodes, or contracts and this can lead to erosion of the vaginal epithelium, urinary incontinence, serious infection, bleeding, pain during intercourse, vaginal shrinkage, perforation of nearby organs, and more.


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