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Questions to ask your Mirena IUD Lawyer


What is your experience in handling Mirena IUD cases?

The truth is, and despite what some firms may lead you to believe, Mirena IUD cases are new to everyone.  All law firms have an equal amount of experience trying Mirena cases (none).  A better question to ask is, what experience does your law firm have in handling these types of cases? 

Relative experience is important.  You want a firm that has handled similar types of cases.  Most recently, Cates Law has been an industry leader in ongoing vaginal mesh litigation.  We have also successfully handled countless related cases (drug manufacturer negligence, product liability cases, etc).

You will want a firm that has experience going up against large corporations with powerful legal teams and the ability to defeat them.  Cates Law has such experience.  We won a record setting verdict for 95 million dollars against a large corporation.  We are extremely confident in our abilities.

Will you make me part of a class action lawsuit?

This might be the most important question you can ask.  It’s the difference between you getting financially compensated vs your lawyer getting financially compensated.  We never make our clients part of a class action.  We believe the victims deserve to be fairly compensated above anyone else.

Will I have to travel or testify in court?

In many cases travel is not necessary.  Sometimes we will bring cases to trial in a location beneficial to your outcome.  If this location is not in your home town or home state, this still does not mean that travel will be required.  We can provide additional details on how this process would likely play out.

How much will a Mirena Lawsuit cost?

It’s no secret that lawyers are expensive.  Unfortunately only the good ones are worth it.  At Cates Law, our Mirena IUD Lawyers only charge a fee if we win your case.  We are confident in our abilities and our success rate, and are therefore comfortable taking on 100% of the financial risk.

I hope these questions are enough to get you thinking.  Obviously there are many more questions that should be asked and a good lawyer will appreciate your questions and should take time to answer them. 

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