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Who Manufactured My Vaginal Mesh Kit?

At one time, surgically implanted mesh was the most technologically advanced option for women with pelvic organ prolapse.  Fast forward several years and you now have a product/procedure that the FDA strongly advises against and is the subject a lot of pain, blame, lawsuits, and multiple corrective surgeries. You basically have a situation where a product was likely not tested as thoroughly as it should have been, compounded with the fact that manufactures attempted to train surgeons on how to perform the procedures for implantation.This led to inexperienced surgeons performing procedures that they were, at least in many cases, not proficient in.

One of the most common complications that can arise from the mesh implants is erosion.  Different manufactures of mesh kits used similar but different methods and materials.  For example, some companies designed a softer, lighter mesh that is less likely to erode, pierce, or tear through surrounding tissues.  Other mesh kits, such as Prolift, used a much heavier mesh that is more likely to erode or tear through surrounding tissues.  

Using softer and lighter mesh has reduced complications by up to 50%, according to Dr. Moore and Dr. Miklos (urologists/surgeons familiar with the procedures). Further, some manufactures of mesh kits advised surgeons to implant mesh much deeper than others, which has also led to a reduction in the rate of erosion and other complications.

Below is a list of mesh kits and the companies who manufactured them*:

  • Prolift (Anterior/Posterior), Prosima, Gynemesh – Gynecare

  • Avaulta Solo (Ant/Post), Avault Plus (Biosynthetic), Pelvitex Mesh – Bard Urology

  • Pinnacle (Anterior/Vault), Uphold (Vault), Polyform Mesh –Boston Scientific

  • Restorelle (Ant/Post), Restorelle (EzA) – Coloplast/Mpathy

  • Apogee (Post), Perigee (Anterior), Elevate Anterior, Elevate Posterior – American Medical Systems (AMS)

  • Posterior IVS – US Surgical

  • Ascend Anterior, Ascend Posterior – Caldera Medical

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