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Avastin Less Effective Than Already Thought

USA Today (among others) has reported 'new' research that indicates Avastin does not offer the benefits that its manufacturer had originally claimed. 

Cates Mahoney, LLC has been reporting on Avastin since December 2011.  Our research team, as well as our clients, has been aware of Avastin's claims and how they dramatically differ from reality for quite some time.  Here are just a few of our headline articles written on the matter over the past couple years: 

  1. Avastin Primer
  2. Avastin - Risk Without Benefits
  3. Avastin and Quality of Life
  4. Avastin Not Safe / Not Effective in Breast Cancer Patients

Genentech, the manufacturer of Avastin has been criticized for being an extraordinarily expensive drug that does not cure cancer nor improve quality of life, only prolongs life.  Now there are questions as to whether it's even doing that.

Further, Genentech allegedly did not warn Avastin users of the drug’s dangerous side effects which include:

  • Stroke
  • Heart attack / heart failure
  • Blood clots
  • Tearing and/or perforations in the GI (gastrointestinal) tract
  • Severe bleeding / hemorrhaging
  • Surgical wounds that do not heal correctly
  • Ovarian failure

…and all of these risks come with little to no benefit to the patient.

The Avastin Lawyers at Cates Mahoney, LLC continue to accept claims for Avastin.  If you or a loved one has experienced painful side effects from Avastin please contact us as soon as possible.  If we  feel that Genentech acted negligently in your case we will begin fighting immediately to compensate you and/or your family.


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