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Choosing the Best Vaginal Mesh Lawyer

The following tips should help you succeed in finding the best vaginal mesh lawyer for your situation.  If a lawyer tells you that they are the 'best' in vaginal mesh litigation, they are lying, because the first trials will not even take place until November 2012.  So how can you possibly know which lawyer is best for you?

Are they planning on making you part of a class action lawsuit?

The Vaginal Mesh Lawyers at Cates Law will NOT make you part of a class action.  While, sure, that would make us a ton of money, we don't like the tradeoff.  It leaves the actual victims (the ones that deserve compensation) woefully undercompensated.

What is their track record in similar complex cases?

We have an impeccable track record in complex litigation.  We have been awarded multiple record breaking verdicts in similar areas of practice.

Do they require money upfront to represent you?

We require NO money upfront as this could get expensive for the client – especially if, for example, expert witnesses (doctors, surgeons, etc) are required to testify.

Do they offer a free consultation?

The Vaginal Mesh Lawyers at Cates Law offer free consultations.  This is important because first, we need to determine if we think you have a case.  And second, you need to determine what course of action will make you the most comfortable.  We can help you better understand all of your options.

Will you be required to travel?

Under most circumstances, no travel whatsoever will be required on your part.  In some instances we may find that it is most beneficial to you to bring your case to a jurisdiction that is different from the one you live. 

How much of a burden will the entire process be on you, the victim, who has already been through enough?

Victims of vaginal and pelvic mesh implants have already usually been through a lot of physical and emotional pain.  Our goal is to minimize the agony of this terrible process.  Let us deal with the stress.

For more information or answers to any additional questions you may have, contact our Vaginal Mesh Lawyers today.

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