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Thanksgiving Travel Safety

Published: Nov 21, 2019 in Auto Accident, Personal Injury

Edwardsville car wreck lawyers advocate for Thanksgiving travel safety. Families and individuals tend to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday. In fact, this busy time of year has become one of the most-traveled weeks in any calendar. With so many people on the road around Illinois and other parts of the country, traffic accidents can sometimes result. The best way to avoid getting into car wrecks is to exercise some travel safety tips specific to the end-of-year season and holidays.

Check the Weather

Thanksgiving takes place the latter half of November, and that means anything can happen meteorologically. Snowstorms, sleet, and cold rain are all fair game as the temperatures begin to fall. Travelers should make use of their smartphones by constantly checking forecasts for all their destinations. People who intend to cross state lines need to make sure they prepare since their hometown weather can be different from the weather elsewhere.

Practice Defensive Driving

When teens learn to drive, they often take classes in defensive driving. Defensive driving involves anticipating the moves and decisions of other motorists. A driver who watches for others’ behaviors will be less likely to get in an accident. Defensive driving also requires slowing down.

Plan Out a Few Routes

Highways can become congested, especially the days before Thanksgiving. Mapping out at least two routes provides alternatives if the going gets rough.

Some apps offer a variety of routes that show real-time problems on highways by highlighting slow-moving traffic in red. The driver should never use a cell phone while driving, but a passenger can monitor the upcoming route in case alternatives make more sense.

Avoid Distractions

Distracted driving causes car collisions. Anyone who gets behind the wheel should abstain from looking at a cell phone, talking on the cell phone, programming the radio, or even eating while driving. The more the driver focuses on the road, the better. Passengers, such as bored children or pets that have not been out of their carriers for a couple hours, can become distracting. Therefore, motorists need to have a plan to stop occasionally and allow passengers to stretch.

Recheck the Emergency Kit

Families should arrange to buy a new emergency kit periodically, and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to get a new one. An emergency roadside kit can include everything from temporary inflation remedies for flat tires to orange emergency alert cones. Emergency kits for cars and other vehicles are sold in a variety of places, including big box retailers and automobile supply stores. They make great holiday gifts, so it might be a perfect present for a new driver who is spending Thanksgiving on the road.

Edwardsville Car Wreck Lawyers at The Cates Law Firm, LLC Advocate for the Safety of All Thanksgiving Travelers

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