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Distracted Driving in Spring

Published: May 5, 2020 in Auto Accident, Distracted Driving, Personal Injury
Makeup while driving

April is the start to warmer weather, resulting in people spending more time outside. Despite the change in climate and less snow on the ground, springtime still presents a danger to drivers on the road. When driving in the spring, it is important to be aware of hazards that can cause a dangerous distracted driving car accident.

Sun Glare

The sun shines brighter and longer during the spring months, and sun glare can be a dangerous distraction while driving. As a leading factor for car accidents, drivers should take necessary precautions while driving, including wearing polarized sunglasses and keeping your windshield clean. Make certain to take precautions before you enter the vehicle. Is it important to keep focus on the road while driving, reaching for sunglasses or other objects can result in a car accident.


The rough winter weather forms potholes, which can cause major damage to your vehicle and cause accidents. It can be difficult to see potholes on the ground, especially after a rainstorm. Keep both eyes on the road, and always leave space between you and the car in front of you in case of sudden stopping. If hitting a pothole is inevitable, gently press on the breaks to reduce the impact that the obstacle will have on your car.

Neighborhood Driving

More children will be outside playing because of the warmer weather, so it is vital to have your entire focus on the road. Drivers need to be cautious when driving through residential areas and near school zones. Reduce your speed and keep an eye out for children and toys in the road.


Spring is known for its influx of rain showers. The rain helps flowers grow and bloom, but it also makes for slick and dangerous roads. While driving in the rain, pay attention to the road. Drive slowly, and turn on your windshield wipers and headlights, pull over if weather intensifies.

Bikes and Motorcycles

It is important to watch out for bicyclists and motorcycles during springtime and keep a safe distance between you and other motorists. The nicer weather will increase the number of people on the roads but will surge the number of serious injuries and accidents. Pay attention while driving and minimize all distractions to help protect you and others on the road.

Practice Safe Driving

Car accidents are common during the spring due to the lack of caution while driving. Despite the absence of snow and ice, drivers still need to drive safely to prevent accidents from occurring. Most accidents happen between 3-6 p.m., which is a common time for children to be outside and for people to be returning home from work. The increased traffic on the road can cause accidents if drivers are not careful. Maintaining safe driving practices and understanding the risks involved in spring driving will reduce accidents and keep roads safe.

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