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Illinois Environmental Exposure Lawyers

Illinois Environmental Exposure Lawyers

Our Illinois environmental exposure lawyers at The Cates Law Firm, LLC have represented people exposed to environmental toxins throughout the United States. We have the knowledge to investigate your claim and prove that your injuries were caused by the acts or omissions of another person or company.

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Compensation in Environmental Exposure Cases

If you are the victim of a toxic environmental exposure, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries. You likely have significant medical bills and other unexpected expenses if you’re unable to work. Our attorneys are dedicated to representing your rights against those responsible for your losses.

You may be able to recover for the following past and future losses:

  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of quality of life or loss of a normal life
  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages
  • Wage loss

It can be difficult to prove that someone else is responsible for your injuries in an environmental exposure case. We regularly work with experts, scientists, and medical professionals to show that a dangerous product or condition on another’s premises caused the injuries that you experienced. The Cates Law Firm, LLC has the resources to prove your claim and obtain compensation from the people and companies that caused the situation that resulted in your injuries.

Common Types of Environmental Exposure

Exposure to hazardous substances and pollutants can happen anywhere to anyone. Everyone from children to employees can be exposed to toxins in the environment. The Cates Law Firm, LLC has experience with many types of environmental exposure, including:

Class Action and Mass Tort Environmental Exposure Lawsuits

Often many people are exposed to the same substances within the same period of time. In such situation, injured people can pool their resources against powerful companies in mass torts or class action lawsuits. Our Illinois class action lawyers at The Cates Law Firm, LLC have represented hundreds of people by combining resources to complete expensive investigations and fight for the rights of many people at once.

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Our attorneys have extensive experience dealing with environmental exposure claims in Illinois and throughout the United States. We are familiar with the laws that will enable you to recover compensation for your losses. We will help you understand the law and what kind of claim may benefit you most.

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What You Should Know About Environmental Exposure

Environmental exposure cases can be complicated and involve complex legal principles, technical evidence, and scientific detail that requires interpretation by experts. That’s why you should hire a personal injury lawyer with experience. The Cates Law Firm, LLC has represented hundreds of people in Illinois and throughout the United States in these types of cases.

You should contact an Illinois personal injury attorney immediately if you believe you were injured by exposure to a hazardous substance in your environment. You have a limited amount of time to make such claims against those who caused your injuries.

How Our Belleville Environmental Exposure Lawyers at Cates Mahony, LLC Can Help You

If you were injured due to hazardous substances in your environment, you may have significant losses. You may be undergoing medical treatment and struggling to make ends meet. Let our Illinois environmental exposure lawyers at The Cates Law Firm, LLC investigate your claim, obtain expert opinions, and negotiate with those responsible for your injuries. We will aggressively represent your rights in court, if necessary.

If you have a disease or injuries due to environmental exposure, call us at 618-277-3644 for a free initial consultation or contact us online to let us know how we can help you.

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