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Why Hire an Injury Lawyer?

Some people question the need for an attorney after they’ve been hurt in an accident. They’re worried about the cost of a lawyer, and some believe that attorneys make situations more contentious than they need to be. People may be confused about why they need a lawyer when insurance companies immediately begin talking to them about the situation. However, people often fail to realize the severity of their situations and fail to consider the interests of the insurance companies and other parties.

Personal injury lawsuits can be extremely complicated. They require investigation; communications with medical providers, experts, and law enforcement officials; monetary negotiation with companies and parties who want to pay as little as possible; and courtroom representation. You need someone on your side who is experienced with the process. Our Belleville personal injury lawyers at The Cates Law Firm, LLC are knowledgeable about all types of injury claims, and we have the resources to fight for your rights against those who caused your injuries. Contact The Cates Law Firm, LLC at 618-277-3644 or using our online form to learn more about the advantages of working with a personal injury lawyer.

Benefits of an Experienced Belleville Personal Injury Lawyer Include:

  • Knowledge of the law: Lawyers gain knowledge through education and experience that benefit you in a personal injury claim. Not only do our personal injury attorneys at The Cates Law Firm, LLC know the nuances of the relevant law, but they are able to assess the details of your specific case in a light most favorable to you.
  • Ensuring you sue the right party: Who you should take to court may seem obvious – but you may not be aware of all of the parties who may be partially responsible for your injuries. If you fail to include all the potentially responsible parties, you risk losing a full recovery for your injuries and provide an advantage to the defendant who can point the finger to an absent person or entity. Our experienced personal injury attorneys can help you determine if a car manufacturer, a company that sold alcohol to a drunk driver, or someone else should be named. Adding all of the correct parties and proving their liability can be difficult in complex cases. The Cates Law Firm, LLC can help.
  • Investigating your claim: Some personal injury claims are simple with one at fault driver causing injury to another while on the road. However, many cases aren’t so straightforward. A personal injury attorney can help you investigate the facts of your case and prove your claims against all responsible parties. Your lawyer may work with law enforcement, accident reconstructionists, and use the discovery process to gather evidence from other parties. The Cates Law Firm, LLC will thoroughly investigate your accident and use our in-depth knowledge to analyze every piece of evidence that affects your case.
  • Helping navigate a complex legal system: Personal injury claims are not made through an easy, linear process. Complicated claims can include months of back-and-forth discovery and negotiation. If you file a lawsuit, you must know the correct documents to file and include specific wording on all documents to assert valid claims. Attorneys train for years to handle the many steps in personal injury lawsuits. Allow The Cates Law Firm, LLC to put our knowledge to use and help you through the legal process of a personal injury claim.
  • Experience with negotiation: While some personal injury claims go to trial, many are settled with the insurance company or other parties out of court. The result of your settlement is directly related to negotiation tactics and ability to prove losses. The Cates Law Firm, LLC is experienced in negotiating with insurance companies and other parties. We will work for the settlement you deserve.
  • Courtroom experience: Lawsuits aren’t all paperwork. In the end, it may come down to standing up and arguing your case in front of a judge and jury. Personal injury attorneys know how to turn your experience into a narrative with which the jury can empathize. Trial lawyers are trained in public speaking and are comfortable addressing the judge and jury, and with questioning witnesses. The Cates Law Firm, LLC has a significant amount of trial experience, and we have won significant high dollar verdicts for our clients.
  • Experience with other attorneys: If your lawsuit includes someone represented by an insurance company or an automobile manufacturer, they often have aggressive attorneys representing their interests. You need someone on your side who is not afraid to fight back. The Cates Law Firm, LLC has the knowledge and experience to stand up against other parties’ attorneys.
  • Greater likelihood of a higher settlement or award: People with attorneys tend to receive higher settlements and jury awards. The Cates Law Firm, LLC can help you obtain the maximum compensation possible in your claim.

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You may be nervous to work with an attorney and even more anxious about the bill, but once you speak with our personal injury lawyers at The Cates Law Firm, LLC, you’ll understand how we can help you with your situation at no upfront cost to you. The Cates Law Firm, LLC handles personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, which means we only receive a fee if we recover money for you. We’ll listen to all of your concerns and answer all of your questions before you have to make any decision about working with us or filing a lawsuit.

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