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Fall Safety Driving Tips

Published: Oct 10, 2019 in Auto Accident, Personal Injury

St. Clair County car accident lawyers help victims injured in car accidents and offer Fall safety driving tips.Driving during the fall season can be unexpectedly hazardous. Keeping driving safety tips in mind for the fall season can prevent accidents and ensure safe roads for all. Fall season brings shorter, cooler days, foggy conditions, falling leaves, deer crossings, and rain. The following are useful tips for safe driving throughout the fall season.

School Buses. The beginning of school can introduce more traffic, pedestrians, and school buses on the roads. Reduce your speed limit in school zones, come to a full stop at crosswalks and stop signs, and allow children and pedestrians to completely cross the road before beginning to drive. It is also a good practice to account for extra travel time during morning commutes, since school buses and children walking to school may slow traffic movement.

Falling leaves. Falling leaves can cause roads to become slippery. Leaves may hide lane markings and other hazards on the road.

Fog. Cooler weather in the fall brings foggy conditions. Early morning and evening hours are particularly prone to foggy weather, causing low visibility. Use low beams to help with visibility, drive slowly, and increase distance between vehicles.

Frost. Cooler temperatures also cause frost to accumulate on roads. Clean the vehicle’s windshield, windows, and wipers before driving. Frost can accumulate over bridges, causing ice patches, so it is advised to drive slowly over bridges and turns.

Deer. Be alert of animals crossing the road and practice cautious driving.  Fall is mating season for deer, where they are more active during sunset and sunrise.

Sun Glare. Due to the autumn equinox, sunlight aligns with east/west roadways causing sun glare. Drivers should keep sunglasses handy, clean their windshield, and plan alternate routes where sun glare is not present to reach their destination.

Fewer Daylight Hours. It is important to adjust for shorter days during the fall. Turn on headlights in the evenings and early mornings when the light is dim, and practice defensive driving to avoid any collisions.

Vehicle Maintenance. Before the fall season, check tire pressure as tires lose air pressure rapidly as temperatures drop. Low tire pressure can cause tire blowouts. Make sure tires have sufficient tread so that they can drive better on wet surfaces. Also, it is important to check windshield wipers, brakes, and headlights to make sure they are working properly.

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