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High Wind Truck Accidents

Published: Mar 6, 2019 in Auto Accident, Personal Injury, Truck Accident

Edwardsville truck accident lawyers hold reckless drivers responsible for preventable injuries.The commercial trucking industry is part of the backbone of the nation’s economy. More than 15 million trucks currently operate on United States highways. These trucks deliver goods consumers want and need, and they do so in all types of weather, including dangerous winds.

Because of their height and significant square footage, commercial trucks are more vulnerable to high winds than other types of vehicles. In high winds, their tall trailers essentially become  surfaces that catch the wind. These surfaces create a force that can disrupt a rig’s stability, causing it to rock, waver, and tip over. High wind truck accidents can injure not only the occupants of the rig itself, but also other cars and pedestrians in their path. The following are recommendations for preventing high wind crashes, tip-overs, and truck accident injury claims.

Preventing High Wind Truck Accidents

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides truckers with regulations for navigating in windy conditions to help prevent devastating accidents. They ask tractor-trailer operators to:

  • Observe signage, plants, trees, and other useful indicators of excessive winds in the area.
  • Pay close attention to weather changes along their routes and avoid hazardous conditions.
  • Secure loose cargo and do a preemptive inspection prior to departing.
  • Reduce speed in high winds and other adverse weather.
  • Understand the truck’s surface area and how it may be impacted by high winds.

Drivers with empty trailers are advised to pull over and avoid high winds completely as lighter trailers are more susceptible to being overtaken by mild winds.


While high winds and other dangerous conditions are not preventable, there are some cases where a truck driver bears some responsibility for a weather-related accident. Edwardsville truck accident lawyers evaluate every aspect of a case before determining if trucker negligence contributed to an accident.

Examples of truck driver negligence may include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Driving carelessly for the weather
  • Improperly secured loads
  • Speeding

In other cases, the truck manufacturer or maintenance facility may be liable for an accident if a defective or faulty part prevented the driver from safely controlling the truck in windy weather. Because there are many variables involved in high wind truck accidents, these claims are often complex. Truck owners and operators may allege that an accident was completely wind-related to avoid liability for poor maintenance or reckless driving. An experienced truck accident lawyer is a great resource for proving liability and recovering fair compensation for victims injured by overturned tractor trailers.

Edwardsville Truck Accident Lawyers at The Cates Law Firm, LLC Hold Reckless Drivers Responsible for Preventable Injuries

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