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Paying for Botched Plastic Surgery

Published: Jan 16, 2020 in Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury

Edwardsville medical malpractice lawyers advocate for botched plastic surgery patients.Plastic surgery is usually an elective procedure that patients undergo to enhance physical appearance. Liposuction, breast augmentation, lip plumping and butt lifts are meant to enhance the outward appearance of people who are looking for positive changes; these individuals may associate satisfaction, better social status, career prospects, and having a fulfilled life with plastic surgery.

Uncertified Surgeons

It is uncommon to associate plastic surgeries with the possibilities of being physically scarred, internally injured, temporarily or permanently disabled, or financially ruined. Unfortunately, these horrifying scenarios are often the result of botched procedures performed by uncertified or uninsured plastic surgeons.

State medical boards certify surgeons, but not all states mandate that certification is necessary for plastic surgeons to operate. Some states have prohibitions on uninsured surgery centers. Other states allow surgeons to perform these operations on patients who are possibly ill-informed of the risks they are undertaking.

Physical Risks

Any surgery has risks, but those risks are mitigated by proper training and certification of the surgeon. The knowledge of the practitioner is clearly comforting, but patients often make assumptions that their surgeon is experienced and certified; however, this may not be the case. A lack of certification is shocking, but it is more worrisome that some unqualified surgeons are entrusted by unsuspecting patients. Some surgeons have outstanding violations for prior surgical errors. Unfortunately, some states do not require this disclosure.

Financial Risks

It is troublesome that many states do not require plastic surgeons to carry medical malpractice insurance. This can mean that if an operation goes awry, the patient may have no way to recover compensation. The patient may have no way to afford for the care that is required to recover from their injuries that resulted from a botched procedure. Many patients are unaware of the financial risks involved from trusting an uninsured surgeon; the lack of medical malpractice insurance is often left undisclosed.

Recourse for Patients

Patients who become injured as a result of a botched plastic surgery operation may be left with little recourse to recover any damages through malpractice insurance. These patients must pursue litigation to recover damages and speaking with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer can explain options regarding your case.

Edwardsville Medical Malpractice Lawyers at The Cates Law Firm, LLC Advocate for Botched Plastic Surgery Patients

If you or someone you know has had a botched plastic surgery, you may be eligible to collect compensation. If the surgeon was uninsured, you may have to sue the practitioner personally. Our experienced Edwardsville medical malpractice lawyers at The Cates Law Firm, LLC will help you collect damages for the injuries you have suffered from medical negligence. Contact us online or call us at 618-277-3644 for a free consultation. Located in Swansea, Illinois, we also represent clients in Belleville, Carbondale, East St. Louis, Granite City, Edwardsville, Chester, Waterloo, St. Louis, Madison County, St. Clair County, Monroe County, and Randolph County.