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Published: Feb 21, 2017 in Site Design

Our firm occupies a slightly unusual niche in legal practice. We’re located in a geographic area that is suburban to rural in Southern Illinois, and we handle cases that require complex litigation — serious personal injury, class action, mass tort, and employment harassment and discrimination.

Much of our business has come through word of mouth and the reputation built by our predecessor, Judy Cates, as she built her practice over the course of decades. Justice Cates left the firm to become an appellate judge, and now the firm is run by David Cates and Ryan Mahoney.

With this transition, and the niche we occupy, we knew that we needed to invest in our branding and marketing in a more strategic manner — and to raise the profile of our website to attract the kinds of cases that we relish tackling. That’s where Postali came in.

About Postali and the Design Process

Lawyerist Best Law Firm Website

We had seen Postali’s work with other law firms and liked their modern designs, thoroughness of content, and customized approach to attorney websites. After having discussions with their team, we knew they were the right marketing company to build our brand in the way that we envisioned.

Because the focus of our practice is complex litigation, we didn’t want to be seen as a typical personal injury firm. We wanted a look that was highly professional, clean, and modern that reflects our personalities at The Cates Law Firm, LLC.

We also wanted to convey that we’re down-to-earth, approachable people. After all, our clients are hiring us to handle the most significant traumatic event of their lives. We wanted to portray attorneys our clients can trust to be committed and sensitive to their cause. Postali heard this and incorporated more casual photography that shows us as real people and not the usual courtroom shots or portraits in front of rows of law books.

Additionally, our practice is more or less split into two overall areas: personal injury litigation and employment discrimination and harassment. That presented a somewhat complex challenge to give both practice areas equal weight so that potential clients with either type of case can quickly see what we have to offer and find what they need.

Overall, we’ve been very pleased with Postali’s thoughtful and customized approach to our site design, which earned placement on Lawyerist’s most recent list of Best Law Firm Websites.

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