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Truck Accidents in Ice and Snow

Published: Feb 20, 2019 in Auto Accident, Truck Accident

St. Clair County truck accident lawyers represent victims injured in truck accidents.Winter is upon us and for much of the country, that means ice and snow-covered roads. Unfortunately, inclement weather will not keep millions of American workers from doing their jobs. For commercial truck drivers, navigating hazardous conditions comes with the territory. However, the data on accidents in inclement weather is concerning. One-quarter of all accidents in the United States are weather-related. These accidents injure more than 670,000 people and cause 7,400 fatalities every year.

Poor traction, combined with the enormous size and weight of commercial tractor-trailers, makes winter travel especially dangerous for truck drivers. Yet, there are some things truckers can do to make their winter deliveries safer for themselves and those traveling around them.

The following are tips to prevent ice and snow truck accidents this winter season:

  • Slow down: Trucks need more time and distance to turn and stop in poor weather.
  • Pay attention: Distracted driving is even more dangerous when visibility and control are diminished by ice and snow.
  • Winterize your rig: Ensure your rig is well-maintained and prepared to withstand freezing temps.

Caution Practices for Drivers

Drivers in passenger cars, vans, and SUVs share the responsibility of preventing truck accidents on slippery roads. Smaller vehicles are easier to maneuver and are quicker to avoid a crash than an enormous multi-ton tractor trailer. Practice the following safety tips on every trip to reduce your chances of being involved in a serious weather-related accident.

  • Clear your vehicle of ice and snow: Ice and snow on your car not only reduces your visibility, but can be fatal to other drivers when airborne.
  • Give trucks their space: Do not cut or turn directly in front of trucks as they need more room and time to come to a complete stop.
  • Take your time: Plan accordingly and know that if you are making your trip in poor weather, it will take longer to arrive.

It is always important to remember that poor weather conditions have a real impact on your ability to control your vehicle and your ability to see the road ahead. Make allowances for these changes by ensuring your car or truck has been adequately winterized and is up for the challenge. Be realistic about how long it will take you to reach your destination. Reduce your speed and know getting there safely is more important than how quickly you get there. Drivers who take a cautious approach to driving this winter increase their chances of avoiding serious and fatal truck accidents.

St. Clair County Truck Accident Lawyers at The Cates Law Firm, LLC Represent Victims Injured in Truck Accidents

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