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Cates Mahoney, LLC Recovers $3 Million in Class Action Against Collection Agency

Published: Mar 1, 2021 in Class Action, Legal Blog

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC is a collection agency that has faced multiple lawsuits from states and private citizens over its aggressive debt collection tactics. The agency has been accused of targeting the elderly and those dependent on a single source of income by using aggressive methods for debt collection, including persistent phone calls and filing lawsuits.

In Lee v. Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, the collection agency issued a small claims lawsuit to a woman in Illinois, alleging that she owed credit card debit. The woman argued that she had no outstanding debt. Through discovery, it was found that the collection agency violated Illinois law when it came to collecting debt. The woman filed a counter-claim class action lawsuit with David Cates of The Cates Law Firm, LLC serving as co-counsel. After years of discovery and negotiation, the collection agency agreed to settle the case for $3,131,950 in relief to be dispersed among the class.

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