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Why Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

Published: Jun 22, 2020 in Auto Accident, Personal Injury
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The hours and days after a car accident are often hectic for a victim. It usually involves talking to police, getting medical care, and talking to insurance companies. On top of taking care of accident-related business, a lot of victims tend to spend the next few days processing the accident. This often leads a victim to forget to contact a car accident lawyer.

Although talking to a lawyer may not be a driver’s first thought, it is an important step to take following an accident. This is because lawyers have the expertise to help victims recover financially and emotionally. Lawyers help victims collect damages to pay for any losses from accidents.

What Are Common Signs That Indicate I Should See a Lawyer?

Not all victims need to consult a lawyer after an accident; however, there are several signs that indicate victims should reach out to an attorney. These signs are dependent on a victim’s losses and finances. If an individual suffers from an expensive injury or disability, he or she is more likely to reach out to a lawyer than an individual with a minor injury. However, victims are encouraged to at least consult with a lawyer to determine the value of his or her case.

One sign that an individual should contact a lawyer is if he or she sustains a severe injury. Injuries are often expensive, especially if the injuries are serious. Besides the medical bills to treat injuries, victims may need to pay for medication or physical therapy. These can be expensive, especially if the injuries are long-term. A victim is entitled to a settlement offer that covers expensive medical bills; therefore, the more money it costs to treat the injuries, the higher the settlement offer.

A victim should also contact a lawyer if the accident interferes with his or her ability to work. An injury could leave a victim missing a lot of work time. Even worse, a car accident could lead to a disability that could impact a victim’s ability to work and make an income. These are all important concerns to address when seeking a fair settlement offer. Lawyers can ensure that these needs are addressed, alleviating any financial burdens.

What Benefits Can I Receive for Contacting a Lawyer?

A car accident victim can handle a claim alone; however, lawyers are extremely beneficial. One benefit is that lawyers have the expertise to handle claims. Their familiarity with the law helps car accident victims obtain a fair settlement. Unfortunately, insurance companies tend to take advantage of those unfamiliar with the law, leading many victims to accept an unfair settlement offer.

Accepting a lowball offer can be a financial burden for victims. This is because their economic and non-economic losses are not being covered. Lawyers can ensure that those losses are covered in the settlement offer and can help obtain more when possible.

Another benefit of hiring a lawyer is that a lawyer can represent a victim while talking to insurance companies. This is helpful for the victims recovering from injuries sustained from the accident. These victims may be more likely to accept a first settlement offer to close the case quickly. However, it is encouraged to push for a higher offer when necessary. Lawyers can help victims do this quickly and easily.

Finally, one important benefit of hiring a car accident lawyer is maximizing entitled damages. Since lawyers have expertise in law, they can identify all of the different losses from the accident, including both economic and non-economic.

While economic losses refers to lost money caused by bills or lost wages, non-economic losses includes emotional loss. This may include pain and suffering and emotional distress. After identifying the value of the claim, a lawyer can fight for a fair settlement offer. Ultimately, the victim can receive the highest payout with a lawyer by his or her side instead of self-representation.

What Should I Look for in a Lawyer?

When a victim looks for a car accident lawyer, he or she should look for a number of positive traits. Some of these traits have to do with communication with the victim, while others deal with expertise. Regardless of the firm, a lawyer should be working in the best interest of the victim; therefore, victims should look closely at the lawyers they are looking to hire.

One important trait for a lawyer is the ability to be collaborative. Since the lawyer is representing the victim’s best interests, he or she should be willing to communicate clearly and efficiently with the client.

A good lawyer will also help a client understand the value of the case without using too much legal terminology. Similarly, a lawyer should help explain the legal process and fees for the client. Ultimately, all of the victim’s questions should be answered clearly by the end of the consultation.

Another important trait is a lawyer with a lot of uplifting energy. A good lawyer should take interest in the client and the case. More importantly, the lawyer should be willing to work towards the client’s needs and goals for the case. This cannot be achieved by a lawyer who is uninterested or unwilling to put forth effort. Lawyers should also ask victims plenty of questions about their case. This helps them understand the best way to represent their clients.

Finally, the victim should check to see if the lawyer is experienced. Experience is one of the most vital pieces of criteria for a good lawyer. Victims should look to see if their lawyer has a good overall track record with winning car accident cases. Picking someone with a bad track record could lead to a victim collecting a lowball offer, fighting for too much, and ultimately wasting time and money.

After a car accident occurs and you seek medical attention, it is advisable to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer will help you collect evidence to strengthen your case. Additionally, a lawyer will help you obtain compensation for injuries and financial losses.

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