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Car Accidents Due to Brake Failure

Published: Feb 27, 2024 Auto Accident, Personal Injury

Perhaps the most crucial element of a vehicle’s safety is its brakes.  So, who is at fault if your brakes fail and an accident occurs?  The following discusses the causes of brake failure and what measures you could take to prevent such accidents. Brake failure...

Who Is Responsible for Pothole Car Accidents?

Published: Feb 14, 2024 Auto Accident, Personal Injury

Potholes can cause significant property damage and injuries. It is estimated that pothole damages cost about $3 billion annually – in the worst-case scenarios, they lead to serious bodily injuries. Road hazards like these are also thought to be responsible for one-third of yearly...

How to Avoid a Car Accident in Rush Hour Traffic?

Published: Nov 28, 2023 Auto Accident, Personal Injury

Rush hour traffic can be a challenging and stressful experience, with congestion, impatient drivers, and tight schedules increasing the risk of car accidents. However, with caution, awareness, and strategic planning, you can reduce the likelihood of being involved in a rush-hour collision. Here are...