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Electronic Health Records

Published: Jun 19, 2019 Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Product Liability

The digitization of medical records was supposed to reduce medical errors, save money, and provide patients with a way to have quick and easy access to their medical histories. Yet, 10 years after its implementation, the system has not produced the intended positive effects....

Cancer Linked to Talc Powder in Johnson & Johnson Products

Published: Dec 15, 2017 Product Liability

Talc is comprised of silicon, magnesium, hydrogen, and oxygen and is often used in baby powder, cosmetics, feminine products, and contraceptives. When talc is ground into a powder, it is effective for absorbing moisture and odors, and reducing chafing. Although Johnson & Johnson has...

Most Dangerous Drugs You Should Know About

Published: Oct 15, 2017 Product Liability

Just because you obtained a drug through a prescription does not mean it is entirely safe. Some of the most addictive and potentially hazardous drugs are regularly prescribed by doctors. These medications need to be taken in certain amounts at specific times to offer...