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How to Drive Safely With Your Pet?

Published: Jun 12, 2023 in Auto Accident, Personal Injury
pet dog in car

People love their pets, often treating them as family members. However, pets are not humans and require special protection when riding in vehicles. A pet could be seriously or fatally hurt in a car accident without proper precautions.

Make Sure Your Pet Cannot Move Around

Seat belts save lives because they confine human drivers and passengers to limited space. Your pet needs to be contained in the same way and not allowed to roam around the front or back areas of your vehicle while you are driving.

There are many ways to ensure your pet remains safe and comfortable during a trip. You may want to invest in a seat belt harness. Be sure to purchase a high-quality one and install it per the manufacturer’s instructions.

You could also crate dogs and cats. Crating works well, but you should make sure your pet has room to move. Explore crates specifically meant for your dog’s breed and size.

Try a Dog Guard or Barrier

What if you have a large dog who cannot be crated when traveling in your car? You may want a professional guard or a similar barrier between the back and front seats. A guard made of a robust and transparent material will allow you and your dog to have visual contact. However, the barrier will lower the chances of your dog being flung forward in a car accident.

Train Your Pet to Listen to Commands

Going to obedience school for your pet can help. A trained animal is safer because you are seen as the one who makes all the final decisions. Control over your trained pet could save their life in a car crash.

Carry a First Aid Kit for Your Pet

After an accident, your pet may be injured and require first aid. Knowing you have the materials and ability to help gives you peace of mind. In addition to carrying a first aid kit for you, add one to the trunk for your pet.

Be sure to include other items near your first aid pet kit, like a warm blanket, chew toy, treats, water bottles, and a bowl for drinking. These items could come in handy after being involved in a collision.

Additional Tips

  • Make sure your pet has identification and is microchipped.
  • Take rest stops at places away from a lot of traffic.
  • Check ahead of time to ensure that your destination allows pets.
  • Keep the windows down enough to circulate air if your pet is in the car for a few minutes without you.
  • Remain vigilant about not allowing your dog or cat to stay in a car unattended, especially on a very cold or hot day.

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