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Holiday Driving Safety Tips

Published: Dec 19, 2022 in Auto Accident, Personal Injury
Edwardsville Car Crash Lawyers at The Cates Law Firm Advocate for Injured Accident Victims.

Due to the increased number of holiday travelers hitting the road, the risk of a car accident is higher at the end of December through the New Year’s holiday. By taking the time to do a little preparation you can make sure you arrive safely at your destination.

Perform Routine Maintenance on your Car

Be sure your vehicle is in good shape before any road trip. Check fluid levels, tire pressure and treads, replace old wiper blades, and verify that headlights, taillights, and signal lights are working. Before hitting the road, check to see that your spare tire is in good condition.

Be Prepared

Always carry an emergency kit in your vehicle that includes the following items:

  • First aid kit
  • Blankets
  • Flashlight
  • Jumper cables
  • Phone chargers
  • Ready-to-eat shelf-stable food
  • Road flares
  • Water
  • Windshield scraper

Plan Your Route Ahead of Time

Plan out where you will make stops and alternated routes in case of inclement weather or accidents. Let someone know about your planned route so they know when you will be arriving and can help in the event that something unexpected happens. Check the weather before you go and revise your travel plans if necessary.

Avoid Distracted Driving

We all have a lot on our minds during the holidays but while behind the wheel stay focused on the act of driving by not using your cell phone to call or text, programming the navigation before starting your car, and making a stop for lunch instead of eating in the car. Distractions cause accidents at any time of year.

Avoid Drowsy Driving

Driving while fatigued is extremely dangerous. Stay well rested. If you feel sleepy or are drifting out of your lane, pull over and take a power nap before continuing your journey.

Do Not Drink and Drive

If you partake in drinking this holiday season, designate a sober driver, use a ride sharing service, or stay the night if you have to. Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs only endangers your life, the lives of your passengers, and those on the road around you.

Take It Slow on Snowy Roads

Snow and ice on the roads can create hazardous holiday driving conditions. Slow down, allow plenty of following distance to the car in front of you, never brake or accelerate suddenly, and try to keep moving slowly in snowy conditions so your vehicle does not get stuck.

Finally, during the holidays and at all times of the year drivers should remember to buckle up. Wearing a seat belt can prevent serious injuries if you do get in an accident. Allow yourself enough time to get to where you need to go so that you are not in a hurry when you get behind the wheel. It is the best step you can take to reduce stress and stay safe.

Edwardsville Car Crash Lawyers at The Cates Law Firm Advocate for Injured Accident Victims

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