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What I Need to Know About the Latest Honda Recall

Published: Aug 30, 2017 in Auto Accident, Product Liability

It seems as if the public has been plagued by vehicle recalls in recent years. From minor issues that only impact a few hundred vehicles to significant hazards that impact millions of vehicles across the world, car owners have been forced to remain vigilant for recalls that include their personal and professional vehicles. One of the latest recalls is by Honda, which announced in July that 2.1 million vehicles have a risk of fire.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to a vehicle defect, contact our Belleville product liability lawyers as soon as possible. Defect-related accidents are much more complicated than your average crash. After a typical accident that was caused by another driver, you work with the at-fault motorist’s insurance to recover the compensation you need. However, when a vehicle or part defect is the root of the accident, you will have to go up against a major corporation to pursue the compensation you are entitled to under the law.

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Honda’s July Recall

Honda announced on July 13, 2017, it is recalling all 2013-2016 model year Accords with 12-volt battery sensors. This amounts to 1.15 million vehicles in the U.S. and a total of 2.1 million vehicles worldwide. The problem is that a battery sensor may not be effectively sealed against moisture. This battery sensor is located on the negative battery cable and is intended to monitor the battery’s state of change, alerting the driver to any problems. Over time, salt and moisture from the roads can cause corrosion, which in turn can lead to an electrical short in the sensor. It is possible for this electrical resistance to cause heat, which in turn can lead to smoke and fire under the hood of the car.

The recall comes after the automaker received four reports of engine fires in the U.S., none of which resulted in injuries. However, the dangers of this issue and the potential risk of injury are obvious, leading to the recall.

If You Own a 2013-2016 Honda Accord

If you own a vehicle you believe is affected by this recall, then you are entitled to take your car to a Honda dealer and have it repaired for free. The dealer will check the condition of the sensor and whether it is in good repair or not. If it is good condition, the dealer will apply an adhesive to prevent moisture buildup and corrosion. You will then have the opportunity to have a full repair performed later. If the sensor is not in good condition at the time of repair, it will be replaced.

You Are Responsible for Your Vehicle’s Condition

An automaker is responsible for the safety of its vehicle’s design and individual parts. That is why the designer, manufacturer, or seller may be liable for any injuries resulting from an accident that was caused by a defect. However, an automaker is not responsible for accidents caused by negligent maintenance of a vehicle. If you are aware of a potentially dangerous defect within your vehicle and choose not to have it repaired, then you may be held partially or fully at fault for any property damage or bodily injuries resulting from that defect.

Were You Injured by a Vehicle Defect?

If you were injured in an accident caused by a defective vehicle or part, contact our Belleville personal injury lawyers of The Cates Law Firm, LLC right away. We are experienced in working with automotive experts to identify the defect that caused your accident and who is responsible for that defect. We are confident in our ability to work with insurers, and if necessary, pursue just compensation for your injuries through the court system. We always prioritize pursuing the maximum compensation for your injuries so that you receive the financial help you need to truly move forward after a serious accident.

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