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Madison County Injury Lawyers

Here at The Cates Law Firm, LLC, we proudly serve the residents of Madison County, Illinois, and others in the Greater St. Louis area. Our law practice and our own personal experiences in Southern Illinois have provided us a deep understanding of the lives and needs of Madison County families. We know that staying healthy, earning a good living, and raising a family are top priorities. That is why when something goes wrong, we are here to help. Whether you were hurt in an accident, received improper medical care, or suffered discrimination or harassment at work, we will fight for you to hold the wrongdoers responsible and work to recover fair compensation for your injuries. Our top priority is ensuring you receive the best outcome possible, whatever your situation.

If you have suffered an injury in an accident or experienced discrimination or harassment at work, call The Cates Law Firm, LLC at 618-277-3644 or contact us online. We offer a free, confidential consultation and will guide you through the process of taking legal action.

Personal Injury

Madison County Injury LawyersIn most cases where someone has suffered an injury in an accident, the accident is actually someone’s fault. When an individual who is supposed to act responsibly and safely, instead behaves in a way that puts others at risk and causes you harm, that individual can be held responsible for your injuries. You can bring a personal injury claim against any person or company that hurt you through their negligence, recklessness, or intentional wrongdoing.

Every accident and its results are unique. Your circumstances will be unlike any other injured person’s, even if you both suffered from a dog bite, slip, and fall, car accident, defective product, or other harmful situation. When you work with an experienced personal injury attorney, you have someone on your side who understands how to analyze your specific situation to build your case. The attorneys at The Cates Law Firm know how to gather evidence to prove the other party’s fault and win you the recovery you deserve, including medical expenses, lost wages, disability, disfigurement, loss of quality of life, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and in some cases, punitive damages.

To recover what you need to move forward with your life, call a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Delaying can make it more difficult to review your situation and gather evidence necessary to support your claims.

Medical Malpractice

Most people seeking medical treatment trust the doctors and nurses helping them. We believe that they have our best interests at heart and will do what it takes to make us well. That’s why it can be a devastating reality when people are harmed due to a medical professional’s negligence or reckless conduct. We expect the medication, procedures, and other care we are prescribed to make us better, and it is a traumatic experience to realize a medical error caused us harm. In these circumstances, the law affords you the opportunity to bring medical malpractice claims against doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers who harm you through medical negligence.

Medical professionals are held to a high standard of care in regard to the medical treatment they provide to their patients. If your doctor or medical provider breached that standard of care and you were hurt, speak with an experienced Madison County medical malpractice attorney right away. When you have suffered an injury from medical malpractice, it is important to be made whole for your injuries as well as hold the responsible medical providers responsible for your injury.

Employment Discrimination

When you apply for a new job or work hard to make an impression in your current one, you expect to be treated fairly. You expect management to consider your work ethic, positive attitude, experience, and tangible results when making employment decisions. You do not expect decisions about your job to be made based on personal attributes such as your sex, gender, age, race, sexual orientation, or other characteristics you cannot change. What many employees don’t realize is that these characteristics are protected under the law. But despite these legal protections from employment discrimination, there are still pervasive and dangerous biases prevalent throughout many industries. If you believe you have been discriminated against in the workplace, call the skilled Madison County employment discrimination attorneys at The Cates Law Firm as soon as possible.

You are protected from employment discrimination by both Illinois and federal law. An employer cannot consider your personal attributes in making employment decisions, such as recruiting, hiring, firing, transferring, promoting, testing, training, pay, fringe benefits, retirement benefits, or disability modifications or coverage. If you have lost a job or promotion, or are routinely harassed at your work because of bias or discrimination, you may have the right to recover compensation.

Sexual Harassment

Despite being prohibited under the law, sexual harassment is prevalent in many workplaces throughout the United States. Attitudes and actions that perpetuate and enable sexual harassment create uncomfortable and hostile work environments making it difficult for employees to do their jobs. While women are often the victims of workplace sexual harassment, both men and women can experience sexual harassment at work and Illinois and federal law recognize that reality and protects all workers from unwanted workplace sexual harassment. If you have experienced sexual harassment in any form, you should contact a Madison County lawyer right away. Whether you were asked for a sexual favor or the victim of obscene comments, you have the right to hold your employer responsible for the sexual harassment you experienced through your employment.

At The Cates Law Firm, we take all claims of sexual harassment very seriously. We will help you begin the administrative process to file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or Illinois Department of Human Rights, and if necessary, file a lawsuit for you in court.

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The attorneys of The Cates Law Firm, LLC are dedicating to protecting the rights of Southern Illinois residents. Whether you need an attorney to help you recover from a physical injury or damages caused by employment discrimination or harassment, we are here for you.

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